Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hump Day freebie

Here is a sampler of a little something of been working on. I call it Chocoberry Creme, and it should be available in my stores very soon. But for the moment, enjoy this little freebie!
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Click HERE to download, and as always, please no hotlinking, send ya friends to my blog and snag it for themselves! Thanks so much. And if you download, I'd love to hear from you!
Be sure to check out the other Humpday Hunny's (links in the list to the right)and see what cool stuff they have for you today!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Feel like a bit of a chat???

Well you are in luck, 'cause Darlene and Lynns Scrap -n- Chat is tonight! 9pm EST (6pm EST)in the DSO Chat room. Don't forget that you have to register in the forum first. You will receive a fantasic template to work with during the chat, and then for those that post a LO made with the template, you will receive this awesome posting bonus by Lynn

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So come and join us and have your self some fun and laughs!! See you there!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Monday morning everyone!!

Well, we had a great weekend! Saturday was Madie's b'day party. She's turning 7 on Friday, but we decided to have her party the weekend before her actual b'day, cause school finishes up for the term this friday, and I was worried all her friends would go away for the holidays, and she'd have no-one there!!
Here's a few pics....

The birthday girl....
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and some of her friends....
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Saturday night, we had the annual school Trivia Night, and the theme this year was HATS!! OMG, what an absolute riot!! The effort that some people went to for this was amazing, not to mention hilarious!! Fabulous Fundraiser for the school, I think Phil is going to be busy this week, counting the funds raised!! (He's the school treasurer, yeah I know, as if he doesn't already have enough on his plate, he put his hand up for the job before he really thought about exactly what was involved!! LOL!!)
Here we are in our hat garb, ready to go....

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detail on the hat....
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OK, on to some scrapping news....

So I get back on the computer this morning after having a bit of a 'weekend off', to find that I have been tagged again!! LOL, thanks Kris!! OK, so she wants me to tell her 6 things about myself, hmmm.....I'll probably bore you all to death, LOL!! Alrighty, here goes...

1. I love crocs!! You know those shoes? They are so great!! Everyone in my family has a pair, they are just so practical, and not to mention comfortable!! The first time I saw them I said, "OMG!! I am never wearing those fugly things!" But I admit it, I am a complete convert!! LOL

2. I hate housework! Just ask anyone that's been to my house...LOL! Only do it once it gets to the point where it's unbearable, or if someone is coming over, LOL!

3. I am currently on a misiion to loose some weight. Got down to a weight I was happy with this time last year, but wouldn't you know it, over winter (I'm in the southern hemisphere remember!) it all crept back on again!! AARRGGHHH, so easy to put back on, but such a PITA to get trid of!! So far I've lost about 2 1/2 kilo's which I thin is about 5 1/2 lbs since I started just under 2 weeks ago. Another 12lbs and I'll be a happy camper again! :)

4. I have a fear of moths! Not any other creep crawly's, just moth's for some reason! Spiders, ants, grasshoppers, beetles, anything else is fine, infact I am the one who catches and removes spiders from the house, but if there is a moth in the house, I run the other way!! They freak me out totally!!

5. I have never broken a bone anywhere in my body in my entire life. Came close a coule of times, and had a couple of dislocations and bad sparians, but never actually a break, touch wood!!

6. I would love to go on a cruise some day! We never actually got to have a HONEYMOON, bit hard with 3 kids (the twins weren't born then)so we went on a 'FAMILYMOON' instead! Spent a week down the south coast Phil, myself and the kids. Was a nice week away, but not really what you would call 'romantic'!! LOL!! I would love to one day, once the kids are older, go off on a cruise around the south Pacific or the Caribean just us....*sigh* one day!!

OK, now that I have bored you all to tears, you can wake up again!! WAKEY WAKEY!! LOL! Now I better go and tag 3 more people.....

Kristine has started up her own Yahoo group for blog freebies! FreeStuffies4DigiScrappers is open to designers and scrappers alike, and is sure to be lots of fun!!So head on over and sign up for some freebies!!

Teriann has a commercial use grab bag up at DSO. Better hurry if you want to snag this one before it all goes into the store at full price!

And check out this deal....

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Get one of equal value FREE!
Simply check out with a mega kit in your cart,
and in the comment block during check out,
tell us which mega you would like as your free one! You'll then be sent a coupon code to redeem your free kit!

See the DSO Mega Kits HERE
This offer is only valid thru SEPT 30th!

Well that's it from me for today, happy scrapping everyone, see you soon!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Grab bag revealed, and a hump day freebie!!

So here is what was hiding in the bag.....

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I told you not to miss it!!! LOL, but if you did, never fear, all these items are on sale in my stores now! DSO, DF's and SFS

I actually did some scrapping today, which was a bit of a novelty! I hardly find the time these days, so it was great for a change to simply scrap!! I used my latest kit, Cherry Blossom which is now available in all my store's. Here's the page I made....

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This is my DD and a friend's DD. Caitlin loves babies, but she's had a soft spot for Tahnee since the day she was born. Whenever Tahnee is around, Caitlin's not far away!!
NE way.....I decided to make this LO into a QP, and give it away to you guys as today's Hump day freebie!! I hope you like it!!

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As always NO SHARING of this file please!!
Click HERE to be taken to the download page, and leave me a hello if you snag this, I'd love to hear from you!! :)
Don't forget to see what the other Hump Day Hunny's have for you today, links to their blogs in the side bar to the right.

Happy scrapping everyone, see you all soon!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Darlene's having a CT call, and a humpday freebie!!

Darlene Haughin Designs is havin' a CT call! This is a wonderful opportunity to work with some FANTASTIC designs, and a wonderful lady!!!
If you're interested, see her designs here, and check out her call here.

Have you checked out what's in the bags yet???

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13 bags, all under $3! DONT MISS THE Bag Bonanza available for ONE WEEK ONLY, then EVERYTHING inside goes up for regular price!!!

Now...on to today's freebie!
This week I have some painted chipboard shapes for you, and they co-ordinate with last week's freebie.

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You can download then here, or by clicking on the image above.
Please remember not to share this with anyone, that'd be piracy!! Instead, send your friends here to my blog to snag it for themselves!! Hope you enjoy it and happy scrapping!! Don't forget to check out the other Hump Day Hunny's, Bunny, Heather, Joy, Kristine, Lynn, Sondra and Teriann, and see what goodies they have in store for you today!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Yipee!! It's Monday...

And I can finally tell you what's going on at DSO!! It's a BAG BONANZA!! Check out the store at DSO and be part of the fun!!

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"What's in the bag?" I hear you say... Well I could tell you but's that's no fun now is it?!?!? LOL!! What I can tell you, is that inside you will find 122MB worth of never before released digital products, for your scrapping pleasure!! My bag contains $19 worth of stuff, but for 1 week only you can pick it up for just $2.50!! This is the perfect opportunity to build your stash of scrapping supplies, you won't want to miss this!! So quick, go, run, over and check it out!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

We had a great weekend, some scrapping news and something exciting is coming soon!!

Well, we had a great weekend!
Saturday I got a new computer!! Whoo hoo!! A friend of ours and my husband went off to the computer fair with the intention of getting me some more memory (no, not for my brain, although sometimes I wish that was possible!! lol!! )for the computer, and came back with a whole new tower!! Wowee! I have gone from 512MB of memeory to 2GB! Can't wait to get some more designing done, and see just how fast this thing can go now!!

Saturday night we went 'round to friends place, and had a great night just chatting and having a few, while the kids ( they have three, aswell as out five ) all played 'sing star' on Playstation and generally ran a muck!! Caitlin has a little bit of a crush on thier son, and it is so cute watching them play together! Madie is very posessive kinda personality, and Caitlin gets all cranky that she keeps trying to get Brandodn all to herself!! It's so funny to watch!! I don't remember this kind of thing with 'boys' until I was way older!! LOL!! Guess they start earlier with everything these days though!

On to some scrapping news....

Have you seen the challenge's we have running at DSO yet? I am hosting the Shape Challenge, and just for joining in the fun, you will get this cute little quickpage made by me!!

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You can check out September's Shape Challenge HERE. And while you are there, don't forget to have a look at all the other cool challenge's that are going on!

Mark your calendars! DSO’s next Scrap ‘N Chat is Monday, Sept. 10 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern (6:00 p.m. Pacific)! Join us for some fun and freebies in the chatroom. You’ll get a free 12×12 template, and if you post a layout to the gallery within 24 hours you’ll get a colorful Quick Page as a posting bonus! Don't forget you will need to be registered in the forum before that chat :)

Kim Broedelet of Kim B's Designs is now EXCLUSIVE at DSO!! And what better way to celebrate than, you guessed it, a SALE!! For a limited time, you will save 30% OFF her ENTIRE store, and yep, that also includes all her awesome commercial use stuff too!! See Kim's Store HERE

Today is the last day of Heather's Designer's Delight 2 grab bag, after tonight, all items will go into the store at full price, so you had better hurry, you don't want to miss out on that!!

Be sure to check the DSO store and everyone’s blogs first thing MONDAY… something very exciting is going to be happening, and I can hardly wait!!

Have a great day everyone!! :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Happy hump day!!

Whoo hoo!! I am so excited to be able to call myself a hump day hunny!! Humpdee, humpdee dee!! I have got a freebie for you, but first let me tell you a bit of what has been going on :)

The new mega kit is up at DSO
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Every month, our staff put together something special just for you, and this month is no different!

Wild Child! Every family's got one! The Septemeber Mega kit features gorgeously bright colours, and is jam packed with over 100 papers and tons of embellishments. This kit is bursting at the seems and will make your memories SHINE! Normally $9.50 but on sale now at 25% OFF! Check it out here.

SFS has a new Mega up as well
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This beautiful and very versatile kit was created by the designers of ScrappinFreestyle. With is's gorgeous fall colours, it is perfect any layout of the season. It also works well for any other layout subject, since we didn't concentrate on fall elements or details. You won't be sorry you picked this kit up. Normally $9.99, but on sale now at 40% OFF! You can see it in detail here.

Heather's got another designer grab bag up at DSO. If her last one is any thing to go by, it will be awesome!! $30 worth of product for just $8.00!! Head on over to her store, and snag it for yourself!

OK, now on to my first hump day freebie!! Yipee!!

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Click here to download, and remember, no sharing the link!! Send your friends here to snag it for themselves, and we'll all be happy!!
And don't forget, if you haven't already, go see what the other hump day hunny's, Heather, Kristine, Bunny, Joy, Lynn, Teriann and Sondra have got for you today!!

Have a great day everyone! :)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Poor Caity, a sale, and some scrapping news.

Do you like my new look blog? I decided it was time for a bit of a face lift. The Banner is from Laura Deacitis's 'Bloggie Banners' (created by Nikki Beaudreau)from Sweet Shop design. Isn't it gorgeous?? Well, I think it is!! LOL!

Poor Caity. So this is how is started. Yesterday morning, I'm sitting here at my computer, after just spending the last hour and a half laughing myself silly (it was supposed to be a 'staff meeting for the DSO designers', but what hope is there of anything satying serious, when you have Kim and Kristine there?...LOL) when Caitlin comes out to me and says "Muuuuuum, (can you hear the whine there?) I just bumped my head." Now first let me say this, for some reason, my kids think that they need to tell me every single, little, tiny, incy, insignificant thing that happens to them all ( and let me remind you, that with 5 of them, it can sometimes seem never ending). So I say, "It'll be OK, just give it a rub" and proceed to give the back area of her head to which she was pointing, a rather vigourus rub. She heads off back down the hall, looking rather deflated at my lack of enthusiam, when all of a sudden I hear this blood curdly scream. "OMG, who's done what now" I shout. Caitlin appears in the doorway again, this time with blood all over her hand. "Look what's coming out of my heeeeead!!" It appears that indeed, she has bumped her head, and infact it probably was a 'real' bump this time. Great. So now I have guilt about the fact that I just dismissed her so easily, when she is trying to tell me she is hurt! It turns out that it is rather a small cut in her head, when she smacked it on the corner of her desk as she was trying to make her bed, but heads bleed alot and it freaked her out a little, just a little!
Lessons learnt from this little episode:
1. Perhaps pay a little more attention when your kids are trying to tell you something.
2. Buy soft corner protector thingy's for the corner of the desk.

Just in case you are wondering, she is fine this morning, and very proudly tells/ shows anyone she can about 'spliting her head open' LOL

On to some scrapping news...

New to all my stores this week, is Precious Moments. This kit was part of last months Club Kits at Digital Freebies, but has now been released into my other stores aswell. There is a full kit

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An awesome Add-on

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And a co-ordinating Album

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6 Pre-made pages created from both the kit and the add-on, ready for your photo's and journalling.
Available in all my stores,, Scrappin Freestyle, and the new look Digital freebies.

Have YOU been over to DSO to check out Bunny and Kim's awesome grab bag?

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I can personally vouch for this one, I got it, and I can tell you it is absolutely brimming with fantastic Designer tools, valued at $60 for only $10!! You had better hurry though, there are only a couple more days left to take advantage of this great deal. After that all items will go into the store at full price.

Lisa Joy, one of my fellow designer at, is about to have a Creative Team Call. Interested? Check out her designs, and then head on over to her blog, and check out the details.

It's Teriann's birthday this weekend!! Happy Birthday Teriann!! And to celebrate, she is having a sale! 45% OFF EVERYTHING in her store, including stuff in the Bargain Bin!! Head on over to her store, and check it out!!

And last but not least, Heather has another awesome tut up at Scrap your Art Out. You can check it out here.

Happy Scrapping everyone, talk to you all soon