Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Out and about in the USA

Hi everyone! Well I thought I would give you all a little update on what has been going on while I've been here in the US.
Bunny has been taking me all over the place, and we have been worn out!
Here we are are the infamous 'Hell'-mart! Really it wasn't that bad, and we ended up spending less than she normally would, so maybe I'm a good shopping influence! LOL

For Bunny's special day on Friday, we went out for a girls day!
We got our nails done......

And we went out for lunch at Bunny's favourite place to eat, ElBracero's

It was so funny,we were half way through eating when all the little mexican waiters come out singing and carrying a bowl of icecream, which they then proceeded to smear all over her face!!!
She was clapping and cheering like a 6 year old!

And then I got a turn with the hat....

And then Bunny insisted we document just how full you get eating at this place. This is me, about to be sick cause I've eaten so much food!


Then Saturday we decided we were going to cut and colour Bunny's hair.
Here is the before shot.....

....here is the during shot.....

....and you will have to stay tuned for the after shot, haven't taken that one yet.

Yesterday we decided to go for a drive around and see what we could see.
Here are a few from the park...

OMG and here is the nose tree!! It looks just like a nose, and Bunny thought it needed a little pickin'! LOL

Tomorrow we are heading out to the 'big city' to gettin a little more shopping, should be a good day!



Bunny Cates, bunnycates.com said...

mmmm... give up them buggars Tree... I's hongray!

kristine~♥ said...

too freakin' funny Mel!!!! You should stock up on duct tape while you are in the US..lol

Miss ya girlie!

Kim B said...

BWWWWWWWWAHAHAHAHA- you too are having a blast-thanks for the photo's and the updates-
Loving living it through your blogs-lol

Send a another *finger* to the COW from me- BWWWAHAHA


Shannon - Desert Designs said...

Gotta love WalMart - LOL! Looks like you guys are having a FABULOUS time!